Presentation Summary

Once you learn how to blink an LED (the "Hello, World!" of embedded programming), it isn't long before your latest invention needs some sort of wireless access.

In 2014, Ai-Thinker released a small breakout board based on Espressif System's wifi-capable ESP8266 chip. Despite its (initial) lack of documentation, its low price-point quickly caught the attention of the DIY electronics community. ESP8266 has since evolved into a platform with multi-language support and dozens (if not hundreds) of hardware implementations.

This presentation will focus on the more common ESP-01 and ESP-01S versions of the ESP8266-based boards and the Arduino APIs. We will cover two scenarios: 1.) The ESP-01 as part of a larger Arduino project, and 2.) The ESP-01(S) as a programmable board in its own right. In the process, we will go over hardware & software requirements for wifi-enabling your projects, plus code examples for both the add-on and standalone scenarios. And as always, we won't neglect the "gotcha"s.

Speaker Biography

Doreen Clemons is the proverbial chief-cook-and-bottle-washer at Bonaventure Software. She started programming in BASIC on a TRS-80 at the age of 12 and has since earned her living with Visual Basic, "Classic" ASP, ActionScript, HTML, JavaScript, Java, T-SQL, PHP, MySQL, and C#. In her free time, Doreen lives out her Evil Mad Inventor(TM) fantasies by building stuff with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. During episodes of "coder's block," you can find her being waaaaaay too political on Twitter as @bonaventuresoft.