Presentation Summary

23 years ago, the Java Virtual Machine promised to free programmers from the error-prone drudgery of memory management and the frustrations of maintaining code-bases for multiple operating systems. Alas, the large memory requirements and long start-up times of early JVM versions gave Java the reputation for being "slow." The reputation lingers despite Just-in-Time compilation and two decades of optimisation and performance-tuning. This presentation will focus on some of the most recent changes to the VM to trim down and speed up apps. We will also talk about the high-performance GraalVM that can support multiple languages at once. Depending on time/interest, we might also look at Quarkus.

Speaker Biography

Robert J Saulnier is a Java EE Guardian who is passionate about all things Java: language, API, VM, and coffee. He has been experimenting, teaching, and developing with Java since 1996. And with over 21 years of professional experience, the last 12 years have been spent working at GTECH, EMC, and Willis Towers Watson, working on a range of tech. that spans embedded terminal systems to enterprise applications.