Presentation Summary

In the ever-evolving world of Development and Operations, more and more companies are adopting a DevOps methodology. This puts more responsibility on everyone to develop with security in mind. This includes securing your cloud infrastructure. In this session, we will discuss methods and best practices to run your product responsibly in Amazon Web Services (recognizing that these practices can also be adapted for other public cloud offerings). We will look at different tools to manage your infrastructure and security in code and what tools AWS offers to monitor the security of your infrastructure.

Speaker Biography

Matt Taylor has been working with Akiri as a Software Developer. He has focused on devops for the last year, designing and implementing the product and working with tools to enable other developers to quickly deployment and test their code. Before Akiri, Matt spent over 10 years working at Skillsoft in their Operations group where he was responsible for the safe and reliable operation of production environments. He is passionate about automating repeatable tasks and working with emerging technology.