Presentation Summary

Did you know that you can take code written in languages like C, Rust, Python, and Go (to name a few) and compile them to a technology that runs in all modern web browsers side-by-side with JavaScript?
In this session, you'll learn about WebAssembly:  What is it, what problems it solves, how it works, and what makes it secure. That last point about security is important because that's one area that gives many people pause when hearing the words "native code" or that C++ can be used. Immediately, we have flash-backs to plugins and pointers.
In this session, you'll also learn how to create a WebAssembly module and how to interact with it. Because WebAssembly modules are not limited to the browser, you'll see how to make use of the same module in NodeJS.
To round out this session, you'll see that WebAssembly modules are not a way to hide your code. You'll also see what options are available to debug a WebAssembly module.

Speaker Biography

Gerard Gallant is a Senior Software Developer and Architect with Dovico Software. Life is busy with two young children but he's extremely competitive in everything he does. In what started out as a relaxing jog several times a week, Gerard has rediscovered his high school passion for running and now takes part in several races every year. As a huge fan of WebAssembly, he has dedicated his spare time over the past year to write a book about it: WebAssembly in Action (