Presentation Summary

While most programmers are used to crunching whole databases' worth of information, sometimes a row of totals or even pivot tables can't tell the whole story.  That's where data visualisation comes in.

Since 2001, the "Processing" project has bridged the worlds of art and computing, spawning different language interfaces (and even completely unrelated projects) along the way.  One of Processing's more recent offshoots is Lauren McCarthy's pure-JavaScript implementation, P5.JS. 

This presentation will cover the parts of P5.JS that can, with a surprisingly small amount of code, bring data to life in the web browser in a way that static HTML tables cannot.  Let your left brain shake hands with your right-brain and unleash your creativity in full colour with JavaScript!

Speaker Biography

Doreen Clemons is the proverbial chief-cook-and-bottle-washer at Bonaventure Software.  She started programming in BASIC on a TRS-80 at the age of 12 and has since earned her living with Visual Basic, "Classic" ASP, ActionScript, HTML, JavaScript, Java, T-SQL, PHP, MySQL, and C#.  In her free time, Doreen lives out her Evil Mad Inventor(TM) fantasies by building stuff with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.  During episodes of "coder's block," you can find her being waaaaaay too political on Twitter as @bonaventuresoft.