Presentation Summaries

Michael Go:  Intro. to Neural Networks with the NEAT Algorithm

There are various versions of neural networks, and we will cover how to use genetic algorithms to train a neural network. In this session, we will build an A.I. that can beat the first level of NES Super Mario Bros., using the NEAT algorithm.

Chris Dail:  Good Code

Have you ever worked on a project with code that was an unmaintainable pile of garbage? How did the code get like that? Without the proper attention to code quality, over time, all projects descend into disorder. 

Everyone agrees that good code is important, but many developers do not really know how to create good code. Chris Dail covers the basics of what good code is, why it is important and how to keep projects from descending into chaos.  New software developers will learn tips and tricks for writing good code. Experienced developers will benefit from a refresher and reflect on any bad habits they might have picked up.

Speaker Biographies

Michael is a full stack developer with 8 years of experience.  He is currently the CTO of, and his main focus in the company is disrupting the real estate industry with A.I. He has a variety of experience in web and mobile application development. In his current tool-box, he is using React, Rails, and Python.

Chris is a Senior Director of Software Engineering at Akiri, a healthcare networking startup. He has 15 years of experience building software products in various roles, including as a software developer, architect, and manager.  Chris is a programming language enthusiast and is passionate about clean, readable code.