Presentation Summary

Recently, there has been a move by the major browser vendors to simplify the development of software through the new Web Components standard.  Polymer, a free open-source library by Google, makes use of this new standard to make web software reusable (see YouTube, newly built using Polymer). Firebase, a collection of cloud services, combined with Polymer, make for a compelling development platform for web and mobile apps and the new push for mobile web apps. In this talk we will cover Polymer, Firebase and the major services of Google Functions, Hosting, RealTime and Firestore Databases. Examples will be shown of a production app in progress.

Speaker Biography

Simon Gauvin is an expert in the field of UX, mobile and cloud computing with 25 years of experience developing several startup software companies. He was former VP of Applications Technology at Plazmic Inc. (acquired by RIM in 2002) where he led the development of a mobile media platform for Warner Brothers and Disney in the Japanese mobile market. He completed Ph.D. research in Computer Science at Dalhousie University and has been published in several leading academic journals. Simon has authored software patents, invented and developed several new programming languages, and used this work to co-found, a visual programming mobile app development platform. He recently co-founded another startup, Safelii Inc., which is using mobile and AI technology to help improve health and safety services for employees in corporations. He is also a freelance Chief Technology Officer consulting for small to medium sized companies in Atlantic Canada.