Presentation Summary

Best practices for design patterns: KISS, DRY, SOLID.  You all know these, but they could be far from being part of your daily activities.  What you might see every day might instead be "God-class," duplicate code, unnecessary complexity, feature-envy and many other terrible practises.  "Code smell" is a generic term to group these under one keyword, but in most cases it indicates an issue with the design and a disregard for common best practices.  Let's try to identify these, list them, and suggest solutions with some examples.

Speaker Biography

Etienne Mermillod is a lead developer with TKS. He has previously worked on a Financial Analysis Dashboard, minind data from another system. He has also worked for SMEs to some of the biggest French companies, mostly in .NET but also with ActionScript and Python.  He fights dirty code every day and helps others achieve better designs.  Knowledg- transfer being one of his core values, he now invests some his time mentoring people and presenting these concepts.  Apart from his day-job, Etienne is a hardcore gamer and likes competitive activities (such as table tennis and badminton).