Presentation Summaries

Serge Leger: Containers from Scratch

What are containers? We can think of them as lighweight Virtual Machines, but what does that really mean?  In this Lightning Talk, we'll build a minimalist container engine in an attempt to demystify what a container is and how container engines like Docker work.

André Landry:  Deploying Containerized Application with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a open source platform started by engineers at Google which was donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It's a portable and scalable way to manage and deploy containerized applications in a clustered environment.

This talk will explain key components of Kubernetes, showing you how they come together to deploy a containerized application.

Speaker Biographies

Serge Léger has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. Most of those years were with the public sector.  For the past 10 years, he's been employed at the National Research Council, where he's worked with researchers in many different fields: machine learning, bioinformatics, educational and medical.

André Landry is a Full Stack Developer with over 10 years experience.  His passion with programming started with transcribing games from magazines on his Commodore 64.  Fuelled by coffee, André has shipped numerous web applications using various different technologies such as .NET, Javascript, Ruby On Rails, and EmberJS. He has worked for Netsphere Solutions since 2006.