Presentation Summary:

This talk is about challenging programmer's perspectives on relational databases.  This is an intermediate topic, geared towards developers who are at least somewhat familiar with the Relational Model and what problems it was designed to solve.  We'll explore why the application is ineffective at enforcing data constraints, how to effectively version control your database setup and migration scripts, and hopefully learn to embrace some of those "advanced" database features many of us didn't think we needed.

Speaker Biography:

Christy Siepker (who feels weird talking about herself in the 3rd person) says: "As a long time student of art and design, I never expected I would end up as a programmer.  Web design became my gateway to the world of code at the age of 21 and the rest of my experience could be summed up as 'if I want something done right (or at all), I have to do it myself.'  I often draw out difficult problems on paper and my husband claims that I 'write code like I'm carving it from stone.'  Haskell and PostgreSQL are my current 'media' of choice."