EMCAScript 2015, or ES6, is the newest version of the ECMAScript standard, which was ratified in June 2015. It is the first major update since ES5 was standardized in 2009. ES6 provides a significant update to the language with new feature such as arrow functions, maps and sets, modules, classes and many more.

ES6 is quickly being adopted as the standard for front-end development and support in major JavaScript engines in underway but not complete. Support for ES6 is not uniform between the engines and so requires third party technology to be usable in production.

This presentation will introduce the some of the feature of the ES6 language, pointing out some of the missing support, as well as some third party technology that can be used to improve support.

Speaker Bio.:

Patrick Webster started programming in high school and has been hooked ever since. He is currently a Software Engineer at EMC. Most of his experience is in web development using JavaScript and the Angular Framework.