Presentation Summary:

As 3D printers have become less expensive and more common, they have moved beyond industry R&D laboratories and into art and design studios, libraries, Makerspaces, and even homes.  Contributors sharing their creations on web-sites like GitHub, BitBucket, and Thingiverse have made on-demand manufacturing a reality for items as mundane as replacement knobs and as breathtaking as fantasy armour.  

While 3D modeling software options aren't quite so plentiful, they fill out the spectrum from payware to open source.  Packages such as PhotoShop CS3 and Blender are very graphics-oriented; anyone with a CAD or graphic design background will find a familiar toolset.  But for those more comfortable with logic and mathematics, there's OpenSCAD (pronounced "open ess cad").  

This presentation will provide an overview and examples of the OpenSCAD API, including its (numerous) quirks and "gotcha"s.  Also covered will be the practicalities of printing on a MakerBot.  Bring your curiosity, your creativity, your questions, your DIY spirit, and everything you can remember from waaaaay back in Trigonometry class.

Speaker Biography:

Doreen Clemons is the proverbial chief cook and bottle-washer at Bonaventure Software.  She started programming in BASIC on a TRS-80 at the age of 12 and has since earned her living with Visual Basic, "Classic" ASP, ActionScript, HTML, JavaScript, Java, T-SQL, PHP, and MySQL.  In her free time, Doreen lives out her Evil Mad Inventor fantasies by tinkering with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.  She volunteers with the Moncton User Group and the Moncton Public Library's Makerspace/FabLab.  During episodes of "coder's block," you can find her on Twitter at @bonaventuresoft.