Presentation Summary

Swift is a new programming language for Apple platforms (and soon Linux) that tries to pair the expressiveness and productivity of a scripting language with the verifiability of a strictly typed language like Haskell or Rust, all without sacrificing performance. It's a very interesting language, both for its cleverness and its warts, and should
be major technology in the coming years.

watchOS 2.0 is the latest version of Apple's wearable platform and brings a number of improvements over its predecessor, from greatly improved sensor access to proper standalone applications. Developers are still coming to terms with what it means to write applications for the 
watch, and there's a lot of untapped potential in the platform.

This session will examine the Swift programming language in the context of building a simple watchOS 2 application. Hopefully, you'll come away with appreciation for what both them are all about and why they might be
worth your time in the future.

Speaker Bio. 

Scott Wadden is a passionate developer and technology enthusiast who enjoys solving difficult problems and learning new things.  He's been the technical lead for a couple of start-ups, an independent game
developer, a college instructor, and a programmer for a variety of companies big and small.

Scott is a self-described "language wonk," and and greatly enjoys studying the minutiae of programming languages and environments, ever searching for more powerful tools. He's particularly enamoured with Swift and is excited to share what makes it special.