Jamie will be sharing his thoughts on how an enterprise security architecture program can help in addressing application security issues before any code is written.  We've all heard about building security into projects early and the benefits it can bring, Jamie will share the methods he has used to ingrain this mindset into project teams he has worked with.  The discussion will touch on how people make decisions about security, how those decisions can be influenced and architectural solutions for common flaws.

About the Presenter:

Jamie Rees’ career is centered on the championing of information security as an industry, as a profession, and as a provider of value to organizations. With 18 years in information technology, the majority of that in information security related roles, Jamie has built a strong base of business oriented security, delivering balance between risk outlooks and business outcomes.   As a result his career has been one of firsts, often forging new positions and award winning programs along the way.

Jamie started as a sysadmin and IT instructor, advancing to leadership roles of CISO and Chief Security Strategist, using what he learned along the way to document and communicate the business value of security
programs.  As an invited speaker, Jamie has shared his experiences gathered from security programs in telecommunications, financial services, and central government organizations at events around the
world such as ISF World Congress, Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, and SC Magazine Congress and has been featured by national news outlets such as the Financial Post.  Jamie currently works for a
vertically integrated electrical utility as the senior cyber security resource.