Event info.:

Gaetan will present a general overview of the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) technology. He will cover how to program workflows in WF, how to writing custom activities in WF and how to enhance the design experience with Activity Designer. The objective of the talk is to give the Audience “just enough” information for why and when this technology should be considered to solve a business problem or build an application with WF as a back end.

Speaker bio.:

Gaetan Savoie is a Senior Developer with Thomson-Reuters Elite. He has 15+ years of experience in requirements gathering, design, and implementation of software business applications. He specializes in system data architecture, data warehousing, and database analysis, software architecture and development using .NET technologies.

Much of his experience has been in both governmental/private sector projects whereby he has served in both development and system analysis/architecture roles. He has had a lot of exposure leading projects using various flavours of agile/iterative development methodologies.