Looking forward to this meeting to hear about Paul and Vincents presentations.

Vincent RoyAlways Be Sharpening Your Saw Tools & Workflows

In this live presentation I am going to show you some tricks, tools and workflows that I use to make my life easier (read: I'm lazy). It will range from debugging tools, text editing to tools that I use to communicate with my team. The goal is not to sell you my tools but to encourage you to explore *your* tools.

Paul Duncan / Let's talk office ergonomics

 ***upfront disclaimer: I do not have any qualifications or certificates re: office ergonomics but I do have a wealth of experience, having been plagued by various aches and pains throughout my professional life.

We'll talk about topics such as workstation setup; chair; peripherals. I'll also talk about some of the different types of treatment that you could try to help keep things from tensing up.

Looking forward to seeing you there.