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Anatomy of a Mail app

Apps for Office introduces a new programming model that is so flexible, you may not believe it unless you see it with your own eyes. You might say it is dangerously simple to enhance the functionality of Office. Apps for Office allow you to enhance the user experience for Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project and Word, most likely using your existing skills.

Starting with a brief discussion surrounding the road-map for the various types of Office apps, this talk will focus primarily on Mail apps and how you can use them to provide very valuable enhancements to the message and appointment (reading and composing) experiences.

You will learn about what if takes to develop a Mail app (a real app, currently under development will be shown), what the infrastructure looks like to deploy a mail app, what the licensing process looks like and how easy they are to monetize.

After the discussion, you will likely be beaming with ideas and be rushing home to begin building your very own App for Office.


J. Dan Attis is the founder of the Atlanta SharePoint User Group and has been a staple in the local .NET and SharePoint communities since the days of SharePoint 2003. He has been working exclusively withSharePoint since 2005 and is an 8 time SharePoint MVP. His IT career began in 1999 when he first moved to the United States from Canada after being recruited by an international consulting firm. After getting settled in, he started putting in his time (roughly 10 years) at various local firms, including Definition 6, Intellinet, and Slalom Consulting. His current employer, B&R Business Solutions, is a New Jersey based consulting company with a deep focus on SharePoint. Dan's specialty is custom development, but he has been seen working in many other areas, including product development, architecture, project management and business analysis to name a few.

When not sitting in front of his many monitors in his home office, coding away like a madman, he enjoys spending time with his exceptionally awesome and beautiful daughter Lily and gallivanting around the globe (mostly just back to Canada) to visit and spend time with his fiancé Gill.

You can find Dan moderating or speaking at the monthly meeting of the Atlanta SharePoint User Group (@atlspug, #atlspug), online via Twitter (@jdattis), LinkedIn (, at a SharePoint Conference or SharePoint Saturday, or on Skype (jdattis). Dan lives in Roswell, Georgia, where the sun is hot and his [cool weather] fescue lawn is both his love
and his evil nemesis.