JSON is a popular choice for data interchange nowadays, however, we still
find many situations where we 'need' to work with XML.

This Moncton Developer User Group session will give you an introduction to
XML, XPath, XQuery and XSLT using Open Source tools. We will use Eclipse
as our IDE; Zorba for XQuery; Xalan and Saxon for XSLT: we'll be doing a
number of hands-on exercises. We'll also touch upon XSD

Paul Duncan is a senior Oracle Database Specialist with 13 years of
industry experience - mainly in the Telecommunications and Utilities
industries - and has worked for Accenture, British Telecom and Bell
Canada. Paul now works remotely from his home in Moncton for Cognera
Corporation in Calgary. Cognera is Alberta's leading provider of Software
as a Service and Business Process Outsourcing to competitive energy
retailers. Cognera has recently expanded into the Ontario market.

In recent years, Paul has worked with XQuery and XSLT: don't worry, he'll
only mention Oracle a few times :-)"