Professional Software Toolkit – Building the 50 concepts/tools you need to master to become an effective software developer

During our last meeting we discussed a concept that we will revisit this year and maybe the following couple of years. What are the tricks and techniques a developer should have in his utility belt to become more effective? During this open discussion we’ll try to nail down concepts, code snippets, patterns etc.. that we’ll elaborate on during this effort.

We encourage all levels of programmers to show up. This will not be a language specific effort as we intend to build code snippets for most mainstream languages.


Date and Times

Wednesday, November 14th 2012
from 6:30 to 9:00pm


795 Main Street – Second Floor Board room
Moncton, NB



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Host Bio

Sebastien Aube

Sebastien Aube is CEO and Software Architect at Cognitive X Solutions Inc. For the past 12 years he has focused on building enterprise solutions using the Microsoft Development stack. He’s always looking for new and better ways to build software. You can find his blog at

Twitter: @sebaube