Application Development with HTML5

Adam Greene, Software Solutions Specialist at Cognitive X Solutions, @aspnetaddict
HTML5 is the biggest and most powerful HTML specification to ever come out of the W3C. Its roots come from a proposal to extend HTML4 to make it easier for web developers to create web applications. With more and more browsers supporting HTML5, ECMAScript 5 and other web standards, developers now have a strong web platform they can use to create a new class of application that is more powerful and interactive than ever before. What’s in HTML5 that lets us take our applications to the next level?


Date and Times

Wednesday, April 18th 2011
from 6:30 to 9:00pm


1273 main street
Moncton, NB

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Speaker Bio

Adam Greene started programming at age 16 on an NEC V20 and never looked back. He has worked for local and international companies from British Columbia to Germany. He has developed software and websites for the financial services industry, a large home delivery grocery store chain, worked freelance and currently is developing state of the art software at Cognitive X Solutions Inc. He has worked in a wide variety of languages: C/C++, Delphi, COBOL, Java, and now is a diehard fan of C#, working mainly in ASP.NET MVC.

Adam is on Twitter as @aspnetaddict